Monday, February 7, 2011

A to Z Gardening Tips

Getting More from your Garden
Women's Conference class taught by Jennifer Chandler
Annual Spring Garden Fair April 30th to May 1st, 2011 Clackamas County Fairgrounds , 185 vendors, soil ph testing

Begin seedlings for flowers, herbs, peas, lettuces indoors in early March

Cultivate once a week; after watering makes it easy

Drip irrigation is a good way to conserve water and water plants efficiently

Early: pick early before dew leaves plants

Fertilizers; fish emulsion- every other week
teas (compost and cows) once a month
10-10-10 pre-planting
tea or side compost as blossoms

Grow vegetables you like to eat

Harvest when vegetables are young and tender

Ideas; write ideas down. Take time to plan

Journal keeping helps you remember what you grew and what went well

Keep sowing peas, beans, and lettuces every two weeks for a longer harvest

Labels. Read labels to help match plants with similar growing requirements

Mulch vegetables to help retain moisture in the soil

Natural pest management: insecticidal soap, neem, birds, bats, ladybugs

Opt for vertical to save space when possible

Pinching off basil and other herbs helps to prevent flowering and promote new growth.

Quit gardening when the sun goes down and go inside and feed your family

Raised bed for neat and tidy gardening

Seed catalogs are a great source of inspiration and new varieties of plants

Tomatoes; pull suckers off right a way and keep plants thinned for good air circulation. Plant horizontally to encourage strong roots

Use markers when planting, don’t rely on your memory
Vegetable garden; choose the sunniest spot, plant near a water source, consider rows, beds, trellises, and containers

Water in the morning

eXention Service 503-

Yard debris; don’t compost diseased or infected debris or weeds with seed

Zucchini; never plant more than three seeds unless you have lots of neighbors who like zucchini