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Full Class Descriptions of Women's Conference

Mining for Diamonds:  Finding the Power and Beauty of Personal Scripture Study-Julie McClellan

Bio:Julie McClellan and her husband Gary have been married for 43 years and have lived in Oregon for 38 of those years.  Julie graduated from BYU with a degree in American History and the intention to teach high school.  Instead she raised her five children and taught in all the church auxiliaries.  Recently she and her husband returned from serving in the Indianapolis Indiana mission as Institute Teachers.  Besides spending time with her family and teaching the gospel, Julie loves to read, quilt, camp and hike.

Building Positive Relationships:In this interactive class, you will learn your dominate thinking style, understand its strength and learn of some of the drawbacks you might experience because of it.  You will gain an understanding of how others think, how you can benefit from their style and how working together can be mutually beneficial to all. The concepts learned in the class will help you improve your relationships with family, co-workers and friends. –Arthella Starke

Parenting-Understanding Behavior:This class will fill focus on understanding a child’s behavior and will help the parent gain insights on how to reinforce positive behavior and eliminate negative behavior.  The parent will learn to view behavior in a broader scope rather than an incident or occurrence coming to understand that the behavior is an indication of a "need" that the child has.  The participants will gain an understanding of "triggers" and "payoffs" and how to help the child get what they want in an appropriate manner. –Arthella Starke 

Bio-Arthella Starke graduated from BYU with a degree in Psychology and then went on to get a masters in education.   She has taught students of all ages from elementary to college level, but loved teaching high school the most. She has been a Parenting Instructor for over 15 years including community settings, various school districts, Clackamas Community College and church.  Bob and Arthella have been happily married for nearly 45 years, have 6 married children and 12.5 grandchildren.  Bob and Arthella are currently serving a mission as Managers of the Bishop's Storehouse here in Portland. 

Incorporating Food Storage into Everyday Cooking:Preparedness, when properly pursued, is a way of life, not a sudden, spectacular program". President Spencer W Kimbal-Cindy White

Bio-Cindy White is a distributor for Bosch mixers and grain mills. She has been demonstrating and teaching classes on food storage for more than 30 years. When Cindy bought her first 50 lb. bag of wheat in the late 70's, it was around $7.50. She discovered that made a lot of bread. She found that she could cook healthy and feed her family on a budget. She has enjoyed using variety in cooking, i.e. rye or kamut to make waffles, buckwheat and oats to make pancakes. Just like grains, beans were cheaper in bulk. Before long her food storage was building, and it was not hard to eat what she stored and store what she ate. In the late 90's Cindy operated a business in Las Vegas and provided the community with truckloads of grain and other food storage needs while teaching them how to use the items they stored. She enjoys cooking from scratch, knowing what is in the food she eats. Through her love of healthy cooking skills she has passed on a legacy of nutrition and the art of baking. After 35 years of experimenting on her husband and 7 children she is still trying out new recipes. 

Design Your Life:Amber Jepsen
Cupcakes and Christ:Amber Jepsen

Bio-Amber Jepsen is a Southern California native transplanted into the Pacific Northwest. She attended Laguna College of Art + Design in Laguna Beach, CA where she earned a BFA in Graphic Design and Digital Media. She then moved to Oregon a year and a half ago to work at Nike WHQ. Amber is a sport enthusiast who loves baking, reading, binge watching tv shows on Netflix, and pretty much anything outdoors. Amber joined the church five and a half years ago and is the only member in her family. A few fun facts about Amber: she knows how to do traditional Scottish dancing, she's been in the New Year's Day Rose Parade twice and Disneyland and the beach are her two favorite places in the world. 

The Hurdles to Moving Forward: Avoiding complacency and learn the  process to move ahead in your life-Bryan Welton.

Bio-Bryan L. Welton, served a full time mission for the LDS Church to Peru. While attending BYU, he married Jenny Lynn Lanenga of Orlando, Florida in 1999. He received a Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University in Political Science and later, received an MBA from the University of Phoenix.   He serves on several Boards of businesses in manufacturing and technology, including the BYU Center for Entrepreneurship Founders Board at the Marriott School of Management, where he lectures regularly and has taught as as adjunct professor of Venture Capital.  As a member of the LDS Church, he has served as a ward Young Men President, Elders Quorum President, Ward Executive Secretary, Bishopric Counselor, Bishop and Counselor in the Stake Presidency.  He resides in Lake Oswego, Oregon with Jenny and their 6 children.  

Who Can Find a Virtuous Women?: What an LDS woman, wife and mother of today can learn from exemplary women in the scriptures who built their foundation on Jesus Christ and His gospel.  We will discuss how to apply what we learn to our marriages, homes and lives.-Marcie Lake

Bio - Marcie Lake grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She attended the University of Utah and graduated with a BS in Nursing.  She married David Lake while in college and they are the parents of five wonderful children and grandparents to five wonderful grandchildren.  They have lived in Minnesota and California.  Marcie works part time as an operating room nurse at an outpatient surgery center.  The Lake family has lived in the Lake Oswego Stake for 25 years and feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such faithful saints.  You are a blessing in our lives!

Do an About-Face: Organize and Prioritize to Make Time for the Essentials-Stephanie Stewart

The Secrets of an Effective TO DO List ?:Stephanie Stewart

Bio-Stephanie Stewart is the second oldest in a family of ten children and the mother of three busy teenage girls.  As a professional organizer,  she helps friends and clients organize their homes, lives and offices.  She says she loves helping people find the peace that organized living brings. 

Your Legal Survival Kit:The basic legal tools you will need for disability and end-of-life decisions. This will be an interactive presentation about wills, powers of attorney, taxes, trusts and how to save your family from expensive legal mistakes. Come with questions.Tom Pixon 

Bio- Tom Pixon, principal of the Pixon Law Group, is a seasoned elder law and estate planning attorney with more than 20 years of experience advising families about how to find and pay for long term care and preserve seniors' hard earned assets. He attended University of California at Berkeley, Brigham Young University, and University of San Francisco where he received his law degree in 1975. Tom is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, ElderCounsel and the Estate Planning and Elder Law sections of the Oregon State Bar. He sits on the executive committee of the Oregon State Bar Elder Law Section and is also licensed in Washington adn California. Tom is a musician, private pilot, husband, father of seven and grandfather of 17 at last count.

The Power of Women in the Latter Day Missionary Force: The errand of angels is given to women..." (Hymn 309) As sister missionaries and senior couple missionaries, we become the allies of the angels.  Sisters and senior couples can be like the "navy seals" or special forces teams of the missionary force.  Come and hear at least 10 vital pointers of missionary preparation (some may surprise you) that mothers and others preparing the next generation of missionaries could easily overlook.  Learn how " you can do something for another person that no one else ever born can do", as you prepare yourself or others to serve the Lord in these final days.Terry and Laraine Clark.

Bio-Terrence Andrew Clark was born in Provo, Utah to Selby and Alice Clark.  After his parents’ divorce, his mother and 5 of the 6 children ended up moving to Grand Forks, North Dakota. Terry was the first of his family since the mid 1800’s to serve a full time mission.  He served from 1975-1977 in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission.  Terry and Laraine and their new infant daughter moved to Portland, Oregon in 1978 and have been here ever since.  Terry attended Portland State University and then Oregon Health and Science University Dental School, graduating in 1986. He attended a one year dental residency and bought a dental practice in Wilsonville in 1987.  Terry served as ward and stake executive secretary and Gospel doctrine teacher and a temple ordinance worker.  In 2002, he was called to be the Stake President of the Lake Oswego Stake.  Six and one half years later, early in 2009, he was called as the President of the Singapore Mission.  He and Laraine served in Singapore and Malaysia until June 2012.  He has returned to dental practice.  Currently Terry serves as the Bishop of the Westlake YSA ward.
Laraine Clark was the 4th generation of her family that was born in Portland, Oregon.  Her father was a career Air Force pilot and she lived in a number of different places around the USA as she was growing up.  When she started 10th grade, her family moved to the air force base outside of Grand Forks, North Dakota. After graduation, Laraine moved into Grand Forks to attend the Colllege of Nursing at the University of North Dakota.  It was here that she discovered Terry was in 4 of her classes and they began dating.  At the time she was a faithful member of a different church and Terry was preparing to serve a mission.  He introduced her to the LDS church and she was baptized a few months after he left to serve his 2 year mission in Louisiana.  She was one of the rare few who “waited for her missionary” and they were married in the Salt Lake temple 7 weeks after his return.  Her decision to join the church resulted in her being disowned by her father and she was not welcome to come home for nearly 4 years.  Her family was not present when she was married.  Fortunately, the arrival of her children softened the hearts of her family.
Laraine graduated in 1978, on the same weekend that her oldest daughter was born, and she became a registered nurse. She spent over 30 years as a maternal / child nurse, caring for thousands of families in the hospital and home setting.  She became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 1991 and is currently beginning a private practice for in-home lactation services.  Laraine’s favorite pastime is Family History.  Laraine served with her husband in the Singapore mission from 2009 through 2012.  She and Terry are the parents of 3 children, all married in the Portland Temple, and 7 grandchildren.  She considers it one of her greatest blessings that all of their children’s families own homes within 10 miles of their own.  

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Classes for the Upcoming Women's Conference

Here is a list of the classes for the upcoming Women’s Conference. Detailed class descriptions and bios from the teachers will be available next week.

Mining For Diamonds: Finding the Power and Beauty of Personal Scripture Study-Julie McClellan

Building Positive Relationships:The concepts learned in the class will help you improve your relationships with family, co-workers and friends. –Arthella Starke

Parenting-Understanding Behavior:  The parent will learn to view behavior in a broader scope rather than an incident or occurrence coming to understand that the behavior is an indication of a "need" that the child has.-Arthella Starke

All About Missions- Bishop Terry Clark.

Design Your Life-Amber Jepsen

Cupcakes and Christ-Amber Jepsen

An Educated Conscience-President Welton

Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman? What an LDS woman, wife and mother of today can learn from exemplary women in the scriptures- Marcie Lake

Do an About-face - Organize and Prioritize to Make Time for the Essentials-Stephanie Stewart

The Secrets of an Effective TO DO List -Stephanie Stewart

Meal Planning and Budgeting-Cindy White

Your Legal Survival Kit- The basic legal tools you will need for disability and end-of-life
decisions.  -Tom Pixon