Sunday, February 2, 2014

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Lake Oswego Stake Relief Society
2014 Women’s Conference: “Be …”
January 17-18, 2014

THANK YOU to all who participated at Friday Night Fun
With a special thank you to those who prepared or taught:
Fun Art with Kaaren Pixton
Fun Service Project prepared by Mimi Beem
Fun I-phone Photography Class taught by Pamela Rust
Yummy Treats planned by Laura Rasmussen
Last but not least… drum roll, drum roll, the ever popular:
Yes, it’s  FUN  ZUMBA !  with Andrea Bowles

And a debt of gratitude
 to the presenters of our
Saturday Conference Classes 

Be Calm and Carry On
Keynote/Farewell by President R. Scott Stevenson
President and Sister Stevenson have been called to preside over the Ghana Cape Coast Mission in Africa for three years beginning in July. He will be released as our stake president at our upcoming February stake conference.  We happily grant his request for this final opportunity to address us together as Relief Society Sisters.

Personal Spirituality:
1. Megan Wilcken:Be crackedFinding Power in Vulnerability

2.  Bobbie Poppleton:   Be ImmersedDiving deeper into the scriptures, because a little sprinkling will never compare to a restoring plunge.”

3.  President Hornibrook:  Be Still and Know:  Through Trials, Tumult and Triumphs of Life, God Is There for You Always

Healthy Eating and Cooking:
1 and 2.  Genet Friess:  Be Conscientious:  Honoring your Own Body’s Wisdom and Eating What Feels Right

Travels and  Finance:
1. and 2.   Geri Gates:  Be Adventurous:  Take the High Road with Your Family and Recreate History Along the Way

3.   Bsp. Doug Perry:  Be Prosperous:  7 Steps to Winning with your Money and 4 Pitfalls to Avoid

Parenting and Grandparenting:
1.  Small Children--Audrey Buchanan: "Be Present:  Making the Most of the Early Years

2.  Grandparenting--Regina Wahlstrom:  Be Creative:  Memorable & Meaningful Grandparenting for Beginners”

3.  Teens-- Amy Biancardi:  Be Real:  from Amazing Teen to Stalwart Adult

Mental Health and Resilience:
1. and 2.  Katie Curtis:  Be Shameless:  Managing, Supporting, and Navigating Mental Health

3.       Stacey Brennan:  Be Resilient:  Facing Fears, Finding Faith, Having Fun!”

FINALLY, thank you to all who so willingly brought soup for our luncheon.