Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Handouts From Women's Conference

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Handouts from Stephanie Stewart's organizing class

How to ORGANIZE just about ANYTHING
 How to ORGANIZE just ablout ANYTHING 
1.     Start with a goal:           I want  ________________________________________ to be more organized

2.     Evaluate the problem  -  determine what is and isn’t working with how you are doing things and how things are currently set up  ______________________________________________________________  

3.     Determine what COULD change or be done differently _________________________________________

4.     Try to look at it a new way – don’t be limited by existing format or structure  - imagine starting fresh _______________________________________________________________________________________

5.     Take an inventory – determine what you have, what’s missing, what’s weighing you down ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
6.     Draw up a plan & put it in writing – detail everything (make sure it will fit, you’ve included everything, try to foresee problems, decide where to start, who will help, & when to begin) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

7.     Remove the baggage - holding you back, weighing you down, taking up space? Get rid of it! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

8.     Get everything you need to execute the plan – supplies, support, equipment, time, sleep J
9.     Execute the plan/ Organize it - set it up,  put pieces in place, put things in order

10.  Try it out - See if it works, give it some time to see what may or may not be working

11.  Evaluate it – don’t abandon it! Tweak it & improve it until it’s working well _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

12.  Adapt as life changes - adjust and reconfigure as needed to keep it organized & working
13.  Do a Happy dance ~ you did it!         

© Stephanie Stewart –

Keys of an effective TO DO list
 Keys to an effective TO DO list               
v  Decide the type of list you’ll use - (paper vs. digital) & how and where you’ll keep it
v  Plan it out – how will it be set up? When will you plan/update it (weekly & daily)?
v  Dump your brain - Put EVERYTHING on it! Anything and everything that needs to be done in every category of your life goes on the list.
v  Include yesterday and tomorrow - things you missed, things coming up
v  Sort into Types of Tasks - what action? (call, go, buy, desk, decide, discuss, yard, home)
v  Determine & sort by priority – MUST do, SHOULD do, COULD do
v  Don’t list any vague tasks -  determine specific action required and list that
v  Break down “projects” into small specific tasks (what do I need to do first, next, last?)
v  Add daily tasks (*if you want) - great way to remind yourself to do daily things
v  Add Repeat Reminders (* if you want) - Add repeat tasks of things you need to do every month, year or at specific times (ie. sprinklers, household maintenance, checkups, gifts, holiday traditions, Christmas tasks)
v  Get help by sharing the list with those involved – look at the list as a family/couple, use the list to help with decisions, make a plan for when you’ll look at it and do things
v  Add to it every day - whenever you think of (or someone mentions) a new to do
v  Make a DO TODAY list and use it (evaluate your day and schedule, make it reasonable and realistic -  separate by MUST do, SHOULD do, & COULD do)
v  Work off of DO TODAY and then make one for tomorrow - check things off as you complete them, evaluate and then plan for tomorrow
v  Reevaluate and rework the plan - what’s not working? find a solution, change it up
v  Give yourself a break – do what works for you! celebrate your successes

© Stephanie Stewart –