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Sharing Station: Personal Progress, Starring YOUth

Sharing Station created by the Lake Oswego Stake Young Women's Presidency

Personal Progress for Parents
Info from website: PersonalProgress.lds.org

Value Experiences
A young woman may work on the values in any order.
With the exception of the value of virtue, young women are encouraged to complete the required value experiences before doing the project for that value.
Value Projects
A value project is intended to help a young woman apply what she has learned from the value experiences.
A young woman should spend a minimum of ten hours for each value project. The same ten hours may not count for more than one value project.
Young women may work together on projects. However, a young woman must spend a minimum of ten hours of her own time if she is using that project to fulfill her own Personal Progress requirement.
With the prior approval of parents or Young Women leaders, the good things young women are doing at home, Church, school, seminary, and in the community may fulfill the requirements of Personal Progress.

Completing Personal Progress
When a young woman completes the Personal Progress requirements before leaving Young Women, she should be invited to help other young women who are still working on Personal Progress. She should also be encouraged to earn an Honor Bee or begin the program again.

Tracking and Pacing
Young women may work at their own pace in the Personal Progress program; however, it is recommended that a young woman complete at least one value experience each month and one value project every six months (two a year). If she starts working when she enters Young Women at age 12 and continues at this suggested pace, she will finish when she is 16. She will then have two years to earn an Honor Bee or begin the program again as suggested on page 83 of the Personal Progress manual.

Participation of mothers
Mothers are welcome to participate with young women in earning the Young Womanhood Recognition, (as well as adult young women leaders). Mothers work from their own Personal Progress book (or their own log in online) and may earn the recognition along with their daughter. It is recommended that a daughter earn her recognition before or along with her mother.
Mothers may select different options for the elective value experiences and the value projects from their daughters. The experiences and projects may be signed and dated by their daughter, their spouse, a Young Women leader, or another adult. (Online, adults don’t need special approval.)

Personal Progress Online
Why do it online?
Encourage your daughter to sign in and start to use it as a tool. The entire Personal Progress book is online, with links to the scriptures to be read, and a spot to journal their thoughts. When they’ve completed a value experience or project, they will send this information to a young women leader or parent for approval, (the girls usually choose their mother). This means, you would sit down with your daughter, and discuss what she’s done/learned. Read from the book or the website what was required of her. Discuss what it meant to her. Then sign her off by signing her book, or hitting the “approve” button. It is not necessary for you to read her journal entry to be able to pass it off. Then, after many years of progressing, personally, and she has completed everything, she can print the whole book out, including her journal and a photo that she has uploaded.

How does your daughter sign in?
She will need her birth date and her church ID number (located on her individual temple recommend if she has one, or she can get it from the ward clerk.

How do you sign in?
Use your regular LDS.ORG user name and password. Once you’re logged in, you will be able to access their info. You will see what she’s working on and what she’s finished with and ready for you to pass off (approve). You will not be able to see her journal entries. That is private. (Be sure to reassure your daughter of this very important fact.)

How to sign up for Personal Progress Online

personalprogress.lds.org (no www’s)

1) click on “sign in” (pink words) in the upper right corner of screen. (If there are no pink words in the upper right corner, then click on the “getting started” – black words, about half way down the page on the right, and then the pink words will show up.

2) click on “register here” (blue words) on the right side of screen

3) type in your membership record number (found on your individual temple recommend – or can be obtained from your ward clerk)

4) type in your date of birth

5) there is an image with some letters. Type them in the box below.

6) Click on the “next step” button at the bottom of the page.

You’re ready to start!

Lake Oswego Stake Young Women
Personal Progress Value Experiences

Value Action Estimated Time
Faith - 1 Read, Do, Journal 1 hr + 3 weeks
Faith - 2 Read, Interview, Journal 1 1/2 hr
Faith - 3 Read, Share, Journal 1 hour
Faith - 4 Read, Do, Journal 1 hr + 3 weeks
Faith - 5 Read, Share, Journal 1 hour
Faith - 6 Read, Teach 1 1/2 hr
Faith - 7 Read, Do, Journal 1 hr + 3 months

Divine Nature - 1 Read, Journal 1 hour
Divine Nature - 2 Read, Do, Journal 1 hr + 2 weeks
Divine Nature - 3 Do, Share 2 weeks
Divine Nature - 4 Memorize, Do, Journal 1-2 hrs + 2 wks
Divine Nature - 5 Read, Do, Journal 1 hr + 2 weeks
Divine Nature - 6 Read, Mmorize,Do,Jrnal 1 1/2 hr + 2 wks
Divine Nature - 7 Read, Do, Journal 1 hr + 2 weeks

Individual Worth - 1 Read, Journal 1 hour
Individual Worth - 2 Read, Share 1 hour
Individual Worth - 3 Read, Do, Journal 1 hr + 2 weeks
Individual Worth - 4 Read, Journal, Share 1 hour
Individual Worth - 5 Do (an event), Journal the event + 1/2 hr
Individual Worth - 6 Visit, Do the visit + 1/2 hr
Individual Worth - 7 Read, Ask help, Journal 1 hour

Knowledge - 1 Read, Journal 1 hour
Knowledge - 2 Journal, Learn, Share hours or weeks
Knowledge - 3 Mmrze, visit, Jrnal, Share 1 hour + visit
Knowledge - 4 Read, Talk, Journal 2 hours
Knowledge - 5 Learn, Visit, Journal 2-3 hours
Knowledge - 6 Memorize, Learn, Read 2 hours
Knoweldge - 7 Learn, Journal, Teach 2 hours + camp

Choice/Acctbility - 1 Read, Do, Share 1 hour + weeks
Choice/Acctbility - 2 Read, Jrnal, Do, Share 1-2 hrs, + 3 wks
Choice/Acctbility - 3 Read, Share, Journal 1 hour
Choice/Acctbility - 4 Read, Journal, Do 1 hour + weeks
Choice/Acctbility - 5 Read, Share, Journal, Do 1 hour + weeks
Choice/Acctbility - 6 Read, Journal 1 hour
Choice/Acctbility - 7 Read, Do, Journal 1 hour + 3 mo

Good Works - 1 Read, Do 1 hour + 2 weeks
Good Works - 2 Do, Share 2 weeks
Good Works - 3 Read, Jrnal, Do,Share 1 hour + weeks
Good Works - 4 Teach 2-3 hours
Good Works - 5 Read, Do, Journal 1 hour + 1 month
Good Works - 6 Do, Journal 3 1/2 hours
Good Works - 7 Read, Do, Share 1 hour

Integrity - 1 Read, Journal, Do 1 1/2 hrs + 1 mo.
Integrity - 2 Think, Journal 1 hour
Integrity - 3 Read, Journal, Share 1 hour
Integrity - 4 Read, Visit, Journal 1 - 1 1/2 hours
Integrity - 5 Read, Journal, Do 1 hour + 3 weeks
Integrity - 6 Do (on Fast Sunday) 1 hour
Integrity - 7 Read, Journal 1-2 hours

Virtue - 1 Read, Journal 1 hour
Virtue - 2 Read, Journal 1 hour
Virtue - 3 Read, Journal 1 hour
Virtue - 4 Read, Journal 1 hour