Sunday, January 16, 2011


2011 Women's Conference Class taught by Ilene Barney

Sister Barney was called away to assist her mother who ended up in the hospital this week. We thought you might enjoy seeing some of her notes.

1. Teach your kids how to work. Work with them.
2. Teach your kids to serve others. Serve with them. Take them to help with moves. Take them to the church building cleaning assignments. Do your own family service projects. Etc.
3. Accept any calling and never complain about your calling (at least that your kids can hear). Children know and feel your attitude about everything you do.
4. Start a mission fund with the child's participation. Talk about it often. Have them work to earn money from an early age and work with them to decide how much of their earnings they'll save for their mission.
5. Talk early and often about missions. Emphasize sharing the gospel in FHE, family councils, etc. Frequently say things like, "when you serve a mission . . ." "Where do you think you'll serve a mission?"
6. Teach them to try all types of foods without complaint.
7. Cook with them and teach them to cook. Same with laundry, ironing, sewing, cleaning a toilet, etc.
8. Follow the guidance in the Family Guidebook--hold regular family scripture study, prayer, FHE, parent interviews, councils; have frequent and diverse family outings/activities.
9. Talk about and engage in gospel ordinances and blessings--emphasize Priesthood purposes.
10. Honor your church leaders.
11. Be an example of love and kindness. Encourage them to work out their differences with siblings/friends--don't think you need to give them all the answers. As they age, give them more responsibility.
12. As a family, write to full-time missionaries serving from your family/ward.
13. Have the full-time missionaries in your home as often as possible--meals; investigator discussions.
14. Have gospel artwork, play gospel music and have gospel literature in your home. Let them know your priorities in life.
15. Per the Family Guidebook, the home is the BEST place to teach children the gospel--so take advantage of that BEST place.
16. Work with them on the Duty to God program. Do it yourself at the same time they are doing it to set the example.
17. Do all you can to help them attend Seminary regularly and on time.
18. Make sure boys go to scout camp and girls go to girls camp (and other types of time away from Mom and Dad).
19. Repeat #1 and #2 often--with a smile.

If these suggestions seem like more than you can handle, here’s just one rule: Live the Gospel with All Your Might, Mind and Strength.